NEVADA – HOA HALL OF SHAME: Homeowner sues Rancho Bel Air

13 Action News:  HOA HALL OF SHAME: Homeowner sues Rancho Bel Air
By Darcy Spears
September 2, 2016

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Most of us in Southern Nevada live under the rule of a homeowners association.

That means paying dues every month. But what would you do to get out of having to pay up?

In this edition of HOA Hall of Shame, Contact 13 spotlights one homeowner’s fight for freedom.

In a David and Goliath battle, the homeowner won a big victory over his HOA, and he’s literally screaming about it from the rooftops — posting big, blown-up copies of the checks the court forced the HOA to pay him, for sandbagging and defying court orders.

It’s almost unheard of for an HOA to pay the homeowner.

But Jonathan Friedrich got $10,000 from the Rancho Bel Air board after filing a lawsuit, accusing them of fraud.

“They violated state, federal and municipal laws. And I’ve called them out on it.” Read more:

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