FLORIDA – Payment for Condo Stolen

CCFJ.NET:  Payment for Condo Stolen

Article Courtesy of Channel 7 News Miami
Help me Howard with Patrick Fraser

Published August 30, 2016

Talk about going from one extreme to another. You walk into a closing, thinking you are about to be a homeowner. A few seconds later, you are told you have been hacked and all your money to buy the home is gone. It’s a nightmare happening to more and more South Floridians and it’s why we have Help me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

If you want to know what it means to spend your life serving your country, meet Richard Zimmelman.

Richard Zimmelman: “Well I served for 33 years. It was awesome. It was fantastic.”

Richard started in the Air Force in the medical field, he was in charge of deployment and was a commander. Now after 33 years, he is a retiree…

Richard Zimmelman: “It’s very bitter sweet because you love it.”

Richard wanted to do two things: take nice, long vacations and buy a condo to call home in South Florida.

Richard Zimmelman: “I found a place in Sky Lake. It had a great view and it was very comfortable.”

Richard put down $9,500 and then a few weeks later, using money he had saved in his military career, was ready to pay the other $86,000. He then got the instructions.  Read more:

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