SOUTH CAROLINA – Neighborhood attempting to overthrow HOA

News2: Neighborhood attempting to overthrow HOA
By Mayci McLeod
August 22, 2016

Often, News 2 hears from people who are unhappy about their Homeowners Association (HOA). Now, a group of neighbors in Shadowmoss Plantation in West Ashley are banding together to get rid of their HOA board members. It started with the purchase of a nearby piece of land, a purchase many members didn’t know about, or agree with.

One HOA member, Rebecca O’Grady, says, “It was almost $50,000, almost half a year’s operating budget.”

Issues making neighbors uneasy…

She says, “They have been liening and filing foreclosure actions against my neighbors.”

and lacking transparency.

O’Grady says, “I recently found out we have spent over $26,000 on attorney’s fees when we are only budgeted for about $2,500.”  Read more:

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