NATIONAL – Neighbor Disputes Turn Wealthy Areas Into War Zones

The Wall Street Journal:  Neighbor Disputes Turn Wealthy Areas Into War Zones
July 28, 2016

The battle between homeowner Marshall Jenney and the Seabreeze Homeowners Association in Rehoboth Beach, Del., began innocently enough: Some of Mr. Jenney’s bushes and trees had grown too high.

After years of litigation, a contempt order, tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and a judge’s admonishment that the entire case had been “a colossal waste of resources,” Mr. Jenney finally cut his foliage.

The upscale resort area, however, will never be the same. In addition to draining the homeowners association’s general fund of about $30,000, it set neighbor against neighbor as the community argued over spending money on the litigation, said Jeffrey Stickle, 65, who said his views were blocked by Mr. Jenney’s trees.  Read more:

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