FLORIDA – FL HOA prevents homeowner from replacing leaky roof

Independent American Communities:  FL HOA prevents homeowner from replacing leaky roof
By Deborah Goonan
June 14, 2016

A young couple from Florida, about to bring home a new baby, recently discovered they had a leaky roof. They own a single family detached house, in Bird Lakes homeowners association in Miami-Dade County.

The leaks were so bad that Ivan and Krystle Paredes had to remove wall board from their bathroom, exposing mold. Rain water was collected in multiple buckets.

In early February, the couple had made a request to replace their roof. But months later, the HOA has yet to approve the repair. The Board keeps requesting additional information, including a sample of the new roof material to be installed. The Paredes say they have already provided the necessary information, and cannot understand why the HOA continues to deny their request.

After NBC 6 got involved (see video link below), the original roofing contractor returned a $4000 deposit check that he has been holding for months waiting for the HOA to approve the roof replacement.  Read more:

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