FLORIDA – Boynton Beach man accused of robbing HOA of $51,000

CCFJ.NET:   Boynton Beach man accused of robbing HOA of $51,000

Article Courtesy of WPBF.com Channel 25

Published May 17, 2016


BOYTON BEACH — A local man was arrested and charged May 12 with stealing $41,000 from a home owners association, deputies say. Norman Glavas, 69, board member and treasurer of Quail Run Association, stole $41,000 by cashing checks to “Cash,” then endorsing and signing them his self, read a police report.

He was charged with grand theft, organized fraud and money laundering.

Mary Lou Hagerty, president of Quail Run Association, sent an e-mail to the Boyton Beach Police Department May 12 after she discovered a discrepancy in the association’s bank accounts.

The e-mail alleges that Glavas embezzled has been embezzling money as far back as February 2013.

Hagerty discovered 13 checks that were written out to “Cash” from February 2013 through October 2014. The checks were signed and endorsed by Glavas.

Glavas said the checks were for attorney fees, reads the police report.

Hagerty made the discovery after she began reviewing the association’s financial records.  Read more:

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