TEXAS – Family, Homeowner’s Association Battle Over Food Truck Business


By Mayra Moreno
May 13, 2016

A battle is brewing in one Sugar Land community over a family’s food truck. The New Territory HOA is telling a couple they can’t park their Greek food truck on their driveway because it violates the rules. The family is putting up a fight.

“Both my husband and I have lost many nights of sleep,” said Anna Zafiris. It’s been an ongoing battle with their HOA since 2014 and the Zafiris feel they’re being targeted. “They make it impossible for us,” said Mr. Zafiris.

The president of New Territory in Sugar Land said the he has been trying hard to find a solution. “We don’t want to impact anyone’s business but there are rules to be followed,” said Mike Pincomb, New Territory HOA president.

They first thought their Greek food truck was considered a “work vehicle”, which under HOA rules, would be ok to park on a driveway. “You can’t see it from the street it’s totally quiet our neighbors don’t have any issue with it,” said Zafiris. However on their last hearing in December 2015, they said, the board told them “we don’t like it” and then amended the rules to say a ‘work vehicle’ would only be allowed now if it fit inside a garage. “We were just shocked that the board refused to follow the existing rules,” said Zafiris.

They then fell under a new violation. The HOA told them their truck was considered a ‘home based business’ and it was unsafe for the community. “As we understand it they are prepping their meals within their driveway inside their vehicle,” said Pincomb. The family is not sure what else to do anymore. They have yet another hearing before the HOA board on Monday. “It’s like being bullied in our own home we pay taxes here, we pay HOA fees here,” said Zafiris.  Read more:

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