FLORIDA – Determined homeowners’ champion nears her goal

CCFJ.NET:  Determined homeowners’ champion nears her goal

Article Courtesy of The Pelican

By Judy Wilson 

Published April 19, 2016

Deerfield Beach – Eleven years after fire destroyed her condominium in Century Village and Faye Adam became the face of her dozen homeless neighbors, she may go home again to Ventnor B, Unit 36.

Permits to repair the 10 homes damaged in 2005 by the fire are being reviewed by the city. Contractor Joe Marone is hopeful he can begin work later this month.

But nothing is certain. The delay in restoring the condominium units has been the result of a “perfect storm” of disasters. First, a fire roared through holes left by cable TV installers in the attic firewalls.

Then, three months later, Hurricane Wilma wrecked havoc resulting in construction delays, insurance company failures and stringent new building codes. And finally, seeking reimbursement, Ventnor B homeowners filed lawsuits which moved slowly through the courts.

Adam, now 85, president of the Ventnor B condo board, along with board treasurer Ross Gilson, has been involved every step of the way .  Read more:

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