FLORIDA – Questions arise over bids in condo roofing repairs

Miami Herald:  Questions arise over bids in condo roofing repairs
By Enrique Flor and Brenda Medina
March 18, 2016

Cira and José Rodríguez have resigned themselves to losing the condo they bought seven years ago.

The retired couple cannot afford to pay the special assessment approved by the board of their condo, The Beach Club at Fontainebleau Park in Northwest Miami-Dade County. The assessment more than doubles their monthly maintenance fee.

“We could lose our apartment … just when I am about to turn 78 years old. It seems incredible that this can happen to me,” said Jose, his voice breaking. Added Cira: “It’s difficult when you have worked all your life to have a comfortable retirement, and here we are.”

The assessment fees stem from repairing the roof of 12 buildings in the complex. Six months before its members were reelected in an election in which numerous condo owners contend their ballot signatures were forged, the condo board approved the $5.2 million contract, signed with a 1-year-old roofing company.

Now, the Rodríguezes must pay their regular monthly maintenance fee of $240 per month, plus another $260 per month to cover the assessment.

“We would have to pay more than what we receive from our retirement, and that’s totally impossible,” Cira said. “The lawyer [for the condo association] told us that if we did not pay the special assessment, they could seize our apartment.”  Read more:

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