TEXAS – Disabled vet concerned HOA fees dispute will lead to foreclosure

KENS5.COM:  Disabled vet concerned HOA fees dispute will lead to foreclosure

By Dillon Collier

March 14, 2016


SAN ANTONIO — A disabled Air Force veteran who lost nearly all his hearing after going through treatment to remove a tumor said he is concerned he will now lose his home over a two-year-old dispute with his homeowners association regarding back dues.

“I have my problems, but I have to try to help myself,” said Northington Butler, Jr., who was sued by the Westover Crossing Homeowner’s Association in March 2014.

Butler and the HOA entered into a settlement agreement last July that required Butler to pay $100 a month to cover more than $2,300 in back dues, interest and attorney’s fees.

Certified money order records provided by Butler show he has made the monthly payment each month.

However, Butler said he stopped receiving invoices for his regular HOA dues.

When Butler wrote the HOA’s attorney about the invoices last month, he received a letter back accusing him of not fully complying with the settlement agreement because he had not signed the paperwork.

The law firm threatened to take Butler back to court if he did not comply with their instructions. Read more:


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