NATIONAL – Associa, CAI and Crooked HOA Transfer Fees

Neighbors at War:  Associa, CAI and Crooked HOA Transfer Fees
By Ward Lucas
February 14, 2016

Transfer fees are among the biggest scams in the housing business. North Carolina outlawed them a couple of years ago. Colorado is trying. New Mexico is trying. Transfer fees are a ‘little’ item on your paperwork that pops up when you try to sell your home. If you live in a Homeowners Association of any kind you’re likely to learn that you have to pay the fee before you can sell to a buyer. Transfer fee. That means some property manager had to photocopy the HOA covenants, probably a hundred or so pages. But you don’t photocopy them one page at a time. No, they’re on his computer. Push one button and the printer spits them all out in a couple of minutes.

So, what do transfer fees cost? Well they can cost the buyer anywhere from 150 to 4000 bucks. For photocopies! And many a house sale has fallen through because someone in the transaction has to come up with that extra money.  Read more:

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