ARIZONA – Residents at odds with HOA

Coolidge Examiner: Residents at odds with HOA

By Robby Gak
February 3, 2016

At the Carter Ranch monthly home owners association meeting, attendees were shocked when two attorneys and a security guard accompanied the HOA’s Board of Directors.

The meeting held Jan. 26, is typically attended by 15-20 homeowners, according to homeowner Tom Van Dan Elzen. But that number more than doubled as homeowners believed they weren’t having their voices heard in regards to violations and HOA guidelines.

There was absolutely no reason for this as the homeowners, although angry at some of the illegal actions taken by the HOA Board, were quite well relaxed and professional,” Van Dan Elzen said. “All they wanted was their right to be heard. Normally the annual meeting for Carter Ranch is attended by 15-20 homeowners. This year the room was packed to standing room only and some actually out the door in the hallway.”
Van Dan Elzen explained that some homewoners were angry because the Board has “subrogated their responsibilities to an outside management company that is only interested in making money”.

He went on to say that specific things not regulated in the past were now being enforced at Carter Ranch. Read more:

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