TEXAS – Frisco homeowners in fight over disappearing backyard

DallasNews.com: Frisco homeowners in fight over disappearing backyard

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21 January 2016 06:32 PM
A Frisco family finds itself caught in the middle of a dispute between their homeowners association and their developer.

As the dispute drags on, Brian and Natalie Woodward fear their dream home is in imminent danger from a collapsed slope that now claws at their backyard fence.

“I look out my backyard and see significant failure,” Brian Woodward told the Frisco City Council during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s meeting. “I’m looking for answers.”

Shaddock Developers Ltd. is listed on county appraisal records as the owner of the more than 6 acres that make up the common area behind the Woodwards’ home in west Frisco. But the Lone Star Ranch Homeowners Association has for years been handling all of the maintenance on the land.

The question is who is responsible for the repairs.

Woodward said the first signs of erosion behind his house appeared May 27 after all the heavy rains. It was a minor slope failure back then, but he alerted his HOA. Read more:


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