TEXAS – Do Children Have a Right to Play?

PATHEOS.COM: Do Children Have a Right to Play?
Neighbors retaliated with gangsta rap and …lewdest lyrics…

By Rebecca Frech
January 14, 2016

Collin County – Friends of ours are being sued for allowing their children to play outside. Yes, that’s a thing. It all began with a play house. Here’s the back story:

The Counts family built this playhouse on their side patio after receiving permission from the HOA. The neighbors went to the HOA meeting and complained that it blocked the view for them and their dogs. (Available in the HOA meeting minutes.) Mrs Counts went outside and looked and realized that the only view it blocked was from the neighbors’ bedroom into her living room, and wrote to the HOA who granted her a variance that the play structure could stay.

So the neighbors called the zoning board to “anonymously” report that the playhouse was too close to the Counts’ residence. The inspector came and measured and told them that the porch roof was inches too close to their house and would have to be removed.

And it was. Read more:


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