TEXAS – Impact of Embezzlement in an Emergency!

Neighbors at War: Impact of Embezzlement in an Emergency!

By Ward Lucas
January 12, 2016

OK, the biggest reason for a Homeowners Association is to protect property values. Right? Well, let’s visit another of hundreds of thousands of parallel cases around the country. This one involves the Big Wood Springs HOA in Winnsboro, Texas.

I’ve lived in Texas, El Paso and San Antonio, and even as a kid I knew how powerful some of those winter and spring storms could be.

Members of this HOA were trapped when a December storm damaged the only bridge that separates them from the rest of the world. They need tens of thousands of dollars to repair the bridge along with a number of HOA roads which were damaged by the rains. Emergency vehicles can’t reach them, visiting nurses can’t reach elderly homeowners. Government agencies can’t help out because the damaged bridge is on private property. It’s illegal to use state funds to improve or repair privately-owned structures. Read more:

Impact of Embezzlement in an Emergency!

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