FLORIDA – Condo owners angry town-home problems aren’t being fixed

CCFJ.NET: Condo owners angry town-home problems aren’t being fixed

Article Courtesy of The Orlando Sentinel

By Mary Shanklin

Published December 1, 2015

Nicely landscaped town homes at Berkshire Park near Windermere are less than a decade old but show signs of spider-web cracking and water damage — and owners see no fixes in sight.

Problems came to a head in the summer when homeowner association President Jeff Tepper tried to hire painters to freshen up the buildings, but the contractors declined the job. They were concerned the paint job would quickly ruin because of underlying cracks and discoloration.”These are only 4 years old, and the wood is rotted out,” Tepper said. “The stucco on them is too thin. Water is getting in the walls.”

Structural Engineering and Inspections Inc. tested half of the community’s 140 town homes in July and found roofing was nailed incorrectly, which allowed water intrusion, black mold, structural damage and signs of moisture creeping into some second-floor floorboards, records show. Read more:


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