GEORGIA – HOA Community Tries to Oust President HOA Community Tries to Oust President

November 25 2015

AUSTELL, Ga. – “Why don’t you show up to the meetings with all the people? We’re trying to vote you off,” yelled a homeowner to the HOA president.

And that right there sums up the friction between the Cobblestone Community’s homeowners and their association president Blake Kenya.

“We have had practically no voice, and we want to bring everything back to the community,”
homeowner Merinda Hutchings Donovan told her neighbors.

It was a common complaint from the nearly 50 neighbors who gathered on a Saturday morning to say that their homeowner association president, Mr. Kenya, won’t allow new elections and wanted $100 to make copies of the homeowners’ association books.

“It’s not a dictator situation; we all have something to say,” piped in another neighbor.

At the association’s recent annual meeting, Merinda Hutchings Donovan, one of the neighbors in this well-kept, middle class, Austell neighborhood, says homeowners asked for new board member elections. Read more:

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