FLORIDA – Condo lawyer mum on flower spat

CCFJ.NET: Condo lawyer mum on flower spat

Article Courtesy of The Herald-Tribune

By Tom Lyons

Published November 18, 2015

Driving down Rum Cay Circle, I could see that condo homes all look very much alike.

The small front yards are not spectacularly landscaped, but they are neat and uniform. Order is the theme. Each home has exactly one tree out front, usually a smallish, well-pruned one cut to the same cone-shape as the others.

But wait. What’s that I see?

There’s a problem in front of Janet Morgan’s home. See her tree?

It’s fine, actually. The tree itself is OK.

But look beneath it.

Better call the condo board!

You might have missed it if you’re your eye wasn’t caught by the flash of colors, but once you see what’s there you can’t help but be aware that Morgan, a retired high school teacher, has done something there that is, well, different. And pretty.

But no need to alert board members. They are on it. They have sent Morgan a series of threatening letters — the last one from a lawyer — demanding action. They tell her she is in violation of the rules of Center Gate Estates Condominium Association, Section 1. The alleged violation:

She planted flowers. Read more:


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