GEORGIA – HOA dispute pits residents against neighborhood rules

GAINESVILLETIMES.COM: HOA dispute pits residents against neighborhood rules
Planners say widened driveways violate zoning standards

By Joshua Silavent
October 3, 2015

For many residential property owners, homeowners’ associations are like a tetanus shot required after stepping on a nail. They serve a purpose, but can sting nonetheless.

Hall County resident Ralph Isabella is finding this out firsthand.

HOA’s often have strict guidelines that regulate everything from the length of grass to the color of each home to the design of mailboxes.

Isabella was cleaning out his garage in the Copper Springs neighborhood in Oakwood one day recently and squeezed his three cars onto the driveway. And that fateful mistake has launched a war of words and, possibly, more.

Isabella was informed that his driveway was too big and that the HOA would have someone tear it up to reduce its size, he said.

However, Isabella insists he was given permission by the HOA about six years ago to expand it. Read more:

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