TEXAS – The Hentschels’ Dinosaurs create community

www.onthecommons.us: The Hentschels’ Dinosaurs create community
View On The Commons Saturday, September 12
By Shu Bartholomew
The peeps are rebelling!  Finally!  No longer do homeowners believe that uniformity and conformity enhance property values.  Nor do they believe that a homeowners association creates “community”. They are tired of living in fear and refuse to be silenced any longer.  With every negative story about HOAs that hit the media, hundreds and thousands of people have been commenting.  Oh, I admit, a handful still repeat the inane sound bites like “you agreed”, “if you don’t like it, move”. Agreed to what?  Being abused and losing your home?  What idiot would do something like that?  Move?  Where to?  Their comments make no more sense now than they ever did. Read more:

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