FLORIDA – City threatens to turn off running water at West Palm Beach condo

WPBF.COM:  City threatens to turn off running water at West Palm Beach condo
HOA owes city nearly $62,000
By Ted White
August 14, 2015
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —Earlier this month, the city of West Palm Beach sent a letter to Woodstock condominium owners, stating the community’s Homeowner’s Association needs to pay the community’s water bill, which is long past due. The bill is nearly $62,000.

If the bill isn’t paid, condo dwellers could lose water by the end of September.

The 108-unit complex has two main water lines on the property but no individual water meters.

Mildred Madison has lived in the Woodstock condominiums for 18 years. She said she pays her water bill to the HOA but is wondering where the money going.
“My biggest fear is I don’t want to lose my property,” Madison said. “We have to pay $230 every month. I pay my $230.”

Sarah Hudson said she owns two condos in the complex. She said the reason why the water bills are so high is because the infrastructure is very old.

“There’s double water usage for every month,” Hudson said.

City spokesman Elliot Cohen said they’ve been dealing with the problem at Woodstock for years. He said the city will have to take swift action by next month.

“We obviously don’t want to shut anybody’s water off, but with over $60,000 worth of outstanding water bills due from the association, we’re left with very little choice,” Cohen said.

Cohen said if the water is bill is not paid, the city will turn the water off Sept. 25.

The HOA president Zandra Stevens said the issue began last year when they had several major underground water breaks.  Read more:

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