MARYLAND – Russett’s woes show problems with HOAs

Capital Gazette:  Guest column: Russett’s woes show problems with HOAs
HOAs need some real oversight
By Jeanne Mignon
August 9, 2015
The recent conflict between long-standing board members in Russett, Tim Reyburn and Colin Sandy, and the Russett Community in general highlights the many problems instigated by vague governing documents that are prey to legalistic manipulation and poor oversight by the state legislature.Russett residents are engaged in a legal action against the standing board of directors. I am not surprised. I worked in the community management industry, where hostility between boards and citizens is not unusual.

In the case of Russett, two board members, Reyburn and Sandy were voted out, in accordance with Russett Community documents. This is not ambiguous. Yet, in the ensuing court battle, the board members in question get to use our funds to defend themselves. The dissident homeowners have no “pot of gold.” But, we are willing to fight.  Read more:

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