TEXAS – HOA Threatens Lawsuit over Energy-Efficient Shingles

KEYETV.com: HOA Threatens Lawsuit over Energy-Efficient Shingles
By Melanie Torre
August 6, 2015
A Round Rock couple has been threatened with a lawsuit because of the new, white shingles on their house. The heavy rain in May, particularly on Memorial Day, damaged their roof. When given the option of buying more energy efficient Energy Star shingles, they took the roofing company up on the offer. Now, their homeowner’s association could take them to court.
Homeowner Susan Hu says picking the more energy-efficient option for her new roof was easy. “The material itself will last longer because it doesn’t get as hot. It can cut our energy bill by 15 percent,” Hu explains.

However, not long after the new roof went up, Hu and her husband, Mike Landrus, got a cease and desist letter from lawyers on behalf of their HOA. The letter says, the white shingles aren’t allowed “without approval of the Architectural Control Committee.”

“We chose those Energy Star shingles without realizing our HOA doesn’t like it,” Hu says.

She and Landrus admit, they should have revisited those bylaws they got when they bought their Sendero Springs home more than a decade ago.  Read more:

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