FLORIDA – HOA shuts down boy’s lemonade stand

CCFJ.NET:  HOA shuts down boy’s lemonade stand
By Michael Shingleton
July 17, 2015


RUSKIN (FOX 13) – It wasn’t tax evasion, insider trading, health code violations or bankruptcy; eleven-year-old Gavin Gundersen’s lemonade stand was shut down because four neighbors complained, and it was against neighborhood rules.

“Why?” Gavin questioned. “I don’t see why. Who would they complain?”

The perplexed pre-teen set up shop Friday afternoon outside the front gate at the Hawks Point Development.

“It was perfect,” he said. “Everyone has to drive through there.”

His business model was simple: sell lemonade to parched neighbors as they return home from a long work week.

“I assume they’re exhausted and they’d like a nice refreshing glass of lemonade,” Gavin explained.  Read more:

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