TEXAS – Homeowner told flood debris violates HOA rules

KXAN.com:  Homeowner told flood debris violates HOA rules
By Angie Beavin
June 5, 2015

HUTTO, Texas (KXAN) — Lisa Taylor’s Hutto home flooded knee deep on Memorial Day. The water rushed through their home, in the back door and out the front, and was forceful enough to tear apart the fence in their yard.

“Awful. It was awful,” said Taylor. “Nothing that we could have ever expected.”

A week later, Taylor heard from her homeowners association. Her family was slapped with a warning notice telling them some debris left behind was in violation.

The city provided neighbors with a dumpster to put debris in, but it is overflowing. So Taylor started stacking debris and other ruined items in her front yard.

“There’s no place else to put it,” Taylor said of the drywall, carpet and flooring ripped from their home.

On Thursday, Taylor got a notice from “PS Property Management” saying the piles need to go.  Read more:

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