ARIZONA – Valley couple can’t afford HOA demand for house painting

ABC 15 Arizona:  Valley Couple can’t afford HOA demand for house painting
By Joe Ducey
May 11, 2015

A lot of us live in areas with Homeowners Associations or HOA’s. And we usually don’t deal with them, unless there’s something wrong and the HOA issues a violation. That’s what happened to Joanne Rodriguez and her husband Eddy. They received a notice that their house had to be painted. Now, as you look around the Rodriguez home, there’s no denying that it could use a coat of paint. But Joanne says they don’t the money. She and Eddy rely on Social Security. “It’s just not enough as all seniors know, to survive today,” Joanne says. There are times she says, she can’t pay all the bills every month. And part of the reason, is Eddy’s health.  Read more:

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