FLORIDA – Environmentally friendly lawn? Not so fast.

ccfj.net:  Environmentally friendly lawn? Not so fast.
Article Courtesy of The Orlando Sentinel
By Kevin Spear
May 5, 2015

Environmentally friendly lawn case going to trial.

Lawsuit contends homeowner associations have final say over Florida friendly landscaping law.
In a lawsuit advancing more slowly than grass grows, a new judge is pushing for a trial this summer over a neighborhood association’s complaint that landscaping meant by a resident to be environmentally friendly is not aesthetically appropriate.

Jeffrey and Renee Parker were sued in 2012 by Summerport Residential Property Owners’ Association Inc. after they planted a type of grass they chose because it needs less watering and fertilizing. But it was not specifically permitted by association rules.

The case is seen as a test of the “Florida friendly” law enacted in 2009 to promote yards that conserve the state’s environment. The law says associations can’t prohibit Florida-friendly landscaping but it doesn’t spell out who determines which types of plants qualify.

The Parkers’ lawyer, Barbara Billiot Stage, said during a hearing last week that nearly three years of litigation had accomplished little. Afterward, she blamed Summerport for using its greater financial strength to drag out pretrial proceedings. Read more:

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