NATIONAL – Is your condo association run by a ‘bully board’? Is your condo association run by a ‘bully board’?
By Don DeBat
April 19, 2015
 “Bully boards” are so prevalent in the world of condominiums that the term is commonplace among community association property managers and real estate attorneys.It’s a moniker used to describe condo and homeowner association boards that are so drunk with power, they resort to abusing their subjects – the owners.

Unlike typical renters, most homeowners simply cannot pick up and move when a problem exists. They are tethered to their real estate – and often tied to a 30-year mortgage as well.

Escaping Condo Jail, a newly published 600-page book about community association living, co-authored by Chicago Realtor Sara Benson and this writer, examines a nationwide random sampling of owner complaints that include, but are not limited to, the following issues…

  • Cigarette smoke from a neighboring unit infiltrates ducts and electrical sockets, sickening an asthmatic.
  • A “neighbor from hell” uses a 150-pound Rottweiler to frighten and intimidate residents.
  • Organized crime thugs extort protection fees from homeowners.
  • A roach infestation of “biblical proportions” from a hoarder’s unit contaminates neighboring units and renders them uninhabitable.
  • A cell phone tower installed on top of a penthouse unit continuously awakens its residents at 3 a.m. with violent shaking of the ceiling.  Read more:

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