GEORGIA – HOA cuts water to disabled resident for unpaid fines

WSB-TV2:  HOA cuts water to disabled resident for unpaid fines

The homeowner’s daughter says her mother is up to date with the monthly homeowner association assessment, but cannot afford to pay all the fines

By Tom Regan
March 12, 2015

ATLANTA — The family of a woman recovering from multiple surgeries, including a tracheotomy, is outraged a property management has cut off her water for unpaid fines, including parking violations accessed against nurses who came to provide care.

“I have never seen anything like this before. They shut her water off for frivolous fines. For parking, for a dog violation,” said daughter Tammy Kadar.

The homeowner, Rosetta Turner, lives in a town home community in College Park called Providence Place. While most residents own their homes, a private company manages the property and has authority to cut off utilities for unpaid fees, assessments and fines.

Turner showed Channel 2’s Tom Regan a two page summary of fees, totaling more than $1,000. They include a “Pet Violation” charge of $300, but the statement does not provide any specifics. Turner owns a small dog.

“Apparently, that was a time he was out there without a leash. They assessed fines for that,” said Kadar.

The bill also includes a “Nuisance Violation” charge of $100, without explaining the nature of the nuisance. An attorney for the family says the fees are arbitrary, absurd and in the case of Rosetta Turner, a health risk.

“I think it’s unjustified, but what’s most upsetting, is you have someone coming out of the hospital, having spent weeks in intensive care, having serious health issues and in need of sanitary conditions,” said attorney Kevin Ross.  Read more:

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