VIRGINIA – Riverwalk Townes Residents Left with Unanswered Questions

Williamsburg Yorktown Daily:  Riverwalk Townes Residents Left with Unanswered Questions
By Marie Albiges
December 28, 2014

York County officials digging into the issue of an unfinished subdivision in Yorktown have yet to answer citizens’ questions about when their streets and lights will be fixed — because they don’t know the answers themselves.

In September, residents of Riverwalk Townes, a subdivision off Old Williamsburg Road, asked the county for help and for answers.

They claimed the Riverwalk Townes developer Gary Sheppard of Sheppard Hale & Associates stopped working on the development before it was complete, leaving them with streetlights that do not work, unclear parking, unsafe roads and incomplete drainage systems.

Three months later, the president and the vice president of the Riverwalk Townes Homeowners Association addressed the York County Board of Supervisors again at its Dec. 16 meeting, asking when and how the county was going to take action.

“We’re scared to touch things,” said Jeffrey Phillips, explaining the homeowners were willing to fix the problems but did not know if they were responsible. “We don’t want to mess anything up that might be happening behind the scenes.”  Read more:

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