NEVADA – Homeowners, HOA to rumble over street strips

KVVU-TV:  Homeowners, HOA to rumble over street strips
By Elizabeth Watts
December 16, 2014
LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – It’s a case of homeowners versus a homeowner association. The association recently installed rumble strips inside the gated Providence neighborhood in northwest Las Vegas.The strips are supposed to slow traffic and protect residents. Some neighbors there say it’s noise pollution. The strips are like speed bumps but nosier because they feature several raised divots. In October, Karen and James Frantel came home from vacation to find a rumble strip butted up against their driveway and barricades preventing U-turns at the neighborhood’s gated entrance. The couple said noise from the rumble strip keeps them and their guests awake at night. “Thanksgiving was completely ruined. We had family in town. They said, ‘Honestly, we can’t sleep.’ Their trip was cut short, and they did leave,” Karen Frantel said.

The Frantels captured the noise on a video recording and presented it to the HOA president, who did take some action. “He looked at the video and said, ‘Yes, this is unacceptable.’ Then he had it moved from our house to the neighbor’s house, one over,” James Frantel said. The couple said the HOA paid $21,000 to have the strips installed. It’s money they said could have been better spent elsewhere. “We could have slides, nice playground equipment. We could have barbecues fixed – some are toppled over. We could have landscaping. We could have community events, but we have rumble strips,” Karen Frantel said.

The Frantels said they were told the HOA board and residents voted on the strips, but they weren’t aware of a vote.

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