CALIFORNIA – Carmel Valley homes burglarized during fumigation  Carmel Valley homes burglarized during fumigation
…each (unit) given a bill for $1,650. There are 60 units, so that is $99,000 out of homeowners’ pockets.

By Craig Herrera

December 4, 2014

SAN DIEGO – Some Carmel Valley residents are upset after their townhomes were burglarized during fumigation — a process many of the residents say was unnecessary.

“I’m so frustrated, I couldn’t even think about it,” said homeowner Olga Solovyeva, whose home was burglarized while it was tented.

She said thieves took items that belonged to her daughter, who died in 1998 at the age of 16.

“Little bracelet, little necklace. It wasn’t expensive, it was just dear to me because it was a memory of my daughter and I can’t even imagine that it would be taken; who needs it?” said Solovyeva.

About seven months ago, the homeowners association sent Regents Square homeowners a letter saying they wanted to fumigate all the buildings for termites, which came as a huge surprise to residents. They say they were forced out or faced a lawsuit, so they moved into hotels and the fumigation tents went up.

10News has learned four of those homes were burglarized in the process.  Read more:

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