VIRGINIA – HOAs As ‘MINI-governments’

Neighbors at War:  HOAS as ‘MINI-governments”
Are HOAs “contractual agreements” or “mini-governments?”
Guest blog by Deborah Goonan
November 6, 2014
A recent particle published at Virginia’s, has summarized the proliferation of HOAs as follows:

“(Homeowners’) associations are nearly ubiquitous for new residential housing in the Richmond area, embraced by developers as a way to handle long-term care of common amenities and by local officials as “mini-governments” that can help maintain order and property value.”

The article’s author, Ted Strong, interviewed several county officials on the subject. For readers who may doubt claims of some home buyers that it is nearly impossible to find HOA-free housing in many parts of America, just feast your eyes on the following blatant admissions by Richmond, VA, area officials representing Henrico County:

Kirk Turner, Chesterfield County’s director of planning, said his county wants the associations in the vast majority of cases. “From our standpoint, we actually encourage the creation of an HOA….”

At this point, “probably 100 percent” of new subdivisions in Chesterfield County of at least 20 lots have associations, Turner said.  Read more:

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