TEXAS – Residents express concern over proposed drug, alcohol recovery home

The Dallas Morning News: Residents express concern over proposed drug, alcohol recovery home

Published: 31 October 2014

On one of her regular strolls through the neighborhood, Richardson resident Jane McGehee noticed a “for sale” sign had been removed.

A few days later, work trucks lined Weanne Drive in front of the house, which sits on the edge of Sherrill Park Golf Course. Curious neighbors started asking questions, and McGehee learned the spot had been chosen for a proposed group home for men recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.

The city of Richardson received an application Oct. 20 for a reasonable accommodation with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a federal law that protects people with drug and alcohol addictions, provided they are not currently using illegal substances. As long as the house meets the basic city ordinances regarding space and safety for the number of occupants — in this case, 12 — the city has no legal discretion to deny the request for the group home, said Don Magner, assistant city manager of community services.

This has left some in the neighborhood concerned, including McGehee.

“We feel like it was sneaked in,” McGehee said.

The application request was still pending Wednesday at neighborsgo’s print deadline. Magner said at the time that the city was working to schedule the official inspection.  Read more:

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