NATIONAL – What Should Federal HOA Regulation Look Like?

Neighbors at War:  What Should Federal HOA Regulation Look Like?
Federal legislation, therefore, must be viewed as the next generation of Civil Rights in America.
guest blog by Deborah Goonan
October 29, 2014

We have a huge, systemic problem in the US. It used to be that regulation was enacted and enforced to protect the People, the taxpaying constituents of government. The purpose of regulation was to uphold individual rights and to honor our federal and state Constitutions.

Over the years, that original purpose has been perverted by pervasively symbiotic public-private partnerships between large corporations and every level of government. Unfortunately, many of America’s elected public servants have sold out to special business interests that contribute heavily to campaigns and pay lobbyists to create and promote self-perpetuating legislation.  Even some of our elected judges have shifted their loyalties to corporate and government cronies instead of individual Americans.

The great citizens’ challenge presented to us in the 21st century is restoring America’s values to upholding the inalienable rights of its people. American government’s focus must shift away from protecting profits and revenue of power players, to the detriment of We the People.  Read more:

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