FLORIDA – Cleaning up moldy St. Pete condo is dangerous job

WFLA.COM: Cleaning up moldy St. Pete condo is dangerous job

The condo was foreclosed and is owned by a bank

September 19, 2014

ST. PETERSBURG, FL. (WFLA) –  Crews spent Friday gutting the inside of a moldy, vacant condo in St. Petersburg. The black mold was so bad that it was spreading to neighboring units.

Removing this kind of mold is a detailed, dangerous job. Workers wore respirators and full body suits. They sealed up the entire condo and used an air conditioning unit to create negative pressure inside so that the mold spores did not escape the condo when disturbed during the remediation.

“Mold like this has to be removed by professionals,” said James Rizk, owner of OHC Environmental Engineering, hired to oversee the project. “If this were left alone, it would eventually keep spreading.” Read more:


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