FLORIDA – Communities in West Boca seek to ban government rental assistance

Sun Sentinel: Communities in West Boca seek to ban government rental assistance
Fear of poor people or stories that some homeowners turn to Section 8 to avoid foreclosure? 
By Anne Geggis
July 21, 2014
WEST BOCA — — Home prices are up, long-vacant houses have families moving in, but fear of what the future might bring has prompted some of the homeowner associations in the unincorporated area of West Boca to limit who might move in.Some of the 125 master homeowner associations have either banned or are considering a ban on a certain kind of renter — those who pay with the help of Section 8 government housing assistance.

Earlier this year, Boca Winds outlawed Section 8 housing in its community of 800 homes. Boca Falls residents are currently voting on the issue, and a subdivision of the mammoth Logger’s Run, Winding Lakes Estates, considered whether to ask residents to vote on a ban.

Section 8 is shorthand for what is officially known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, which helps pay the rent of families who fall in a certain income bracket.

For a recipient of this aid to move in, the homeowner must have a dwelling that meets certain standards and agree to take part in the program. But those nearby often dislike Section 8 housing because of its association with poor people.

Few board members will actually say what’s fueling the drive to exclude Section 8 housing. So why the push? Boca Winds Board President Paul Pontrelli said he doesn’t know of any Section 8 homes in his community, but has heard stories: Some homeowners turn to Section 8 to avoid foreclosure.  Read more:


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