POST FALLS, Idaho – Curtis Benham, an 81-year-old Korean War veteran living in Post Falls, was asked to remove an American flag from his front window by his homeowners association or face the financial consequences. Benham is ready to stand his ground. The Fieldstone Homeowners Association issued a violation notice, telling Benham he had “inappropriate curtains” in his front window. The inappropriate curtains the HOA was referring to is an American flag.“I’m a veteran and that’s my job,” Benham said.For the past two years three American flags have been displayed at the Benham home on Thrush Drive. He had one out front, one in a planter and another in the window. He’s never received a complaint about any of them until last week. On the morning of June 24, he found a notice taped to his garage asking him to remove the “inappropriate curtains.” “It’s a symbol not a curtain, it’s a symbol,” Benham said.

Benham wasn’t aware that he was in violation with Fieldstone HOA policy, and found it ironic that he fought for freedom, yet doesn’t have the freedom to display the flag.  Read more: