New York – Homeowners want ‘crazy cat lady’ to quit feeding strays

N.Y. Daily News: MEOW NIX:  Homeowners want ‘crazy cat lady’ to quit feeding strays

By Melissa  Chan
June 10, 2014

It’s a feline free-for-all in Fresh Meadows. Homeowners are fed up with a crazy cat lady and the cat colony she’s created behind a Jewish center and synagogue following years of feeding the feral critters. Wild packs of tabby and tuxedo cats, some just kitties, treat nearby lawns as litter boxes and claw open garbage bags left on the sidewalk, angry neighbors told The News.

“It has just exploded this year,” said Mary Lou James, who has witnessed clusters of up to 20 cats form daily for a 6 a.m. breakfast. “So many of them were pregnant. They’ve all popped. It’s kind of freaky. It’s a feral cat colony.”  Read more:

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