TEXAS – Plano HOA: Letters asking for ‘greener lawn’ mistake in face of water restrictions

WFAA.com:  Plano HOA: Letters asking for ‘greener lawns’ mistake in face of water restrictions
By Jobin Panicker
May 30, 2014
PLANO — It is a delicate balance that some North Texas homeowners are having to strike: to follow water-restrictions while keeping the lawn green. Residents in one Plano neighborhood raised concerns after they received letters from their Home Owners Association asking them to comply with certain “aesthetic” rules. When News 8 pressed the issue with the HOA, SBB Management, we were told the letters that were sent out were a mistake. Bill Bonnett of Plano fights that same battle to keep his lawn green. But he says that fight is getting more and more difficult. “They’re asking you to do something you can’t do,” Bonnett said.Last Thursday, the board of the North Texas Municipal Water District voted to remain on Stage 3 water restrictions. The board made that recommendation to all of its member cities, including Plano. That means residents will be under restricted water usage – once every two weeks – through the end of the year.  Read more:

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