TEXAS – RR Woman Locking Horns With HOA Over Texas Landscaping

KEYETV.com:  RR Woman Locking Horns With HOA Over Texas Landscaping
May 9, 2014
By Alex Boyer

Round Rock – Tucked away inside a Round Rock subdivision is an ordinary home. Nothing necessarily stands out except for maybe the landscaping. “I didn’t want a boring circle or square because everyone has those and this is Texas,” said homeowner Lee Steele. So Steele decided to go big.  The 65-year-old retired accountant designed a pebble garden in the shape of Texas.  She bought a bunch of colored pebbles to fill it in. “I got 42 bags of red and 38 of blue,” recalled Steele. But before her vision was complete the homeowner’s association sent her a notice telling Steele to stop.

“They’re picking and choosing what you’re allowed to do and I just feel that’s not fair,” added Steele. And Steele believes she has the pictures to prove it. She snapped several photos of front lawns in her neighborhood Steele believes should also be flagged by the HOA.  Read more:

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