ILLINOIS – Man’s Death Blamed on Vicious Swans

Courthouse News Service:  Man’s Death Blamed on Vicious Swans
Management Company, Condo, and HOA Sued
By Jack Bouboushian
April 16, 2014
CHICAGO (CN) – A kayaker drowned in an attack by vicious swans and his family claims in court that the property owner should have known the animals were unreasonably dangerous.
Amy Hensley, on behalf of her deceased husband’s estate, sued Hillcrest Property Management, Bay Colony Condominium Owner’s Association, Bay Colony Homeowners Association and affiliates in Cook County Court. “As a part of its attempt to control the geese population on and around the subject property, defendant Hillcrest Property Management, Inc. kept a pair of mute swans on or near the retention pond,” the widow claims in the lawsuit.
“The mute swan is one of the heaviest flying birds, with males (known as cobs) averaging about twenty-four to twenty-six pounds. “Mute swans are extremely aggressive and attack by smashing at their victims with bony spurs in the wings, accompanied by biting with their large bill. The wings of these swans are very powerful, reported to exert enough force to break an adult man’s leg,” according to the complaint.  Read more:

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