TEXAS – Neighbors fed up with HOA parking rules

KXAN.com:  Neighbors fed up with HOA parking rules

HOA lawyer breaks down homeowner’s rights

By    Omar Lewis
Updated: Thursday, September 19, 2013
Manor – A neighborhood parking restriction has homeowners pumping their brakes against their homeowner’s association. Residents in the Shadowglen neighborhood were given citations for parking in front of their own homes.  Allison Lopez, who lives in Shadowglen, is doing everything she can to reverse her neighborhood’s parking restrictions after receiving a citation with a picture of her own car parked in front of her home. “I shouldn’t have to call the HOA when I have a scheduled or unscheduled guest,” Lopez said.”I shouldn’t be harassed or live in fear that someone is parking in front of my house.” Some homeowners say they’ve collected fines up to $500 for having cars that belong to their maids, yard workers, and friends parked temporarily on the street.  Read more:

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