ARIZONA – AG’s Office: Verdict kills new HOA laws  AG’s Office: Verdict kills new HOA laws
(On July 19, 2013 plaintiffs George K. Staropoli and William M. Brown had filed suit against the State of Arizona, CV 2013-009991,[2] seeking a declaratory judgment that SB 1454 violated the Constitution.)
By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Concluding state legislators likely violated the Arizona Constitution, the Attorney General’s Office has agreed not to enforce some new laws governing homeowner associations. In an agreement filed Friday, the state agreed to accept a court order that eight separate provisions of SB1454 were enacted illegally and are void. These include language that was designed to prohibit cities and counties from requiring developers to established planned communities as a condition of getting the necessary zoning or permits. It also knocks out another section that would have limited the ability of associations from demanding that homeowners furnish them with certain information about those to whom they rent their units. Also gone are various changes in things like casting absentee ballots in HOA issues.  Read more:

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