NATIONAL – What HOA issues are appropriate for federal intervention?  What HOA issues are appropriate for federal intervention? | HOA Constitutional Government

April 24, 2013
By Evan McKenzie
George Staropoli poses this excellent question, and the answer he got from Nevada congressman Joe Heck (R-Henderson and much of Clark County) shows little understanding of the situation:
“I can certainly understand and appreciate your frustrations. Since HOAs are governed by local or state law rather than federal, it would be best to contact your state assemblyman or state senator and local county officials with your comments.”
The fact is that the federal government has been heavily involved in promoting common interest housing since the 1960s, as I explained in detail in my first book, PRIVATOPIA, on this subject way back in 1994.  Hasn’t he ever heard of the FHA or Fannie Mae?  It is just another example of how determined public officials at every level of government are to wash their hands of any responsibility for HOAs and condo associations.  The problems are so enormous, and so many people are profiting from those problems, that it becomes almost impossible to get anybody to do anything until there is a complete disaster. The Las Vegas HOA corruption ring is one example of that.  Read:

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