NATIONAL – Evan McKenzie’s Blogspot Discussion on HOAs

Evan McKenzie’s Blogspot Discussion on HOAs

Go to:

Las Vegas HOA Corruption Probe Continues
and then click on “Comments” at end of article.
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Fred Pilot: I think you’ve boosted the position of the abolitionists per your observations of the difficulty of effectively regulating private local government, particularly considering these entities are not political subdivisions of the states and subject to state government codes.

IC_deLight wrote:
“Disclosure” pre-supposes that a “choice” is available. Maybe there is a choice in some parts of the United States. There has not been a choice for a significant part of the population for quite some time now. Disclosure of the HOA scheme is akin to disclosing that the air you are breathing might be off-gas from a toxic waste site. Stop breathing if you don’t like it. People need housing just as they need air. The involuntary membership HOA-scheme should simply be rejected, period.

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