Houston HOA v. Wilbur the pig

Video here. Other information and a petition to keep Wilbur here.

by Courtney Zubowski / KHOU 11 News

HOUSTON—A local homeowner is fighting to keep her precious pet.

Wilbur the pig is beloved by his owner, but not so popular with some neighbors.

“It’s really emotional, because we’ve gotten attached to him,” said Wilbur’s owner, Missy Sardo.

The Sardo family’s home is located in the 3400 block of Fir Forest Dr. in The Thicket subdivision.

Last week, they received a letter from their homeowner’s association informing them their 60-pound, 8-month-old pot-bellied pig would have to go. They were given 30 days to find him a new home.

“I just like playing with him,” said Missy’s 5-year-old son, Michael. “I will feel sad because he’s so cute and I’ll miss him.”

According to their neighborhood’s deed restrictions, no animals or livestock that are raised or bred can be kept on the lot.

The family was told neighbors had complained to Community Asset Management, a property management company, about the pig.

“One of the complaints was that he roots in your backyard, and I said, ‘So? It’s my backyard,’ and he said, ‘The other complaint was that they smell,’ and I said, ‘He doesn’t smell, they have no sweat glands, they smell better than most dogs who’ve been outside,’” said Sardo.

At a homeowner’s association meeting Monday night, Sardo said she was told if she had 51 percent of the 250 homeowners in The Thicket community sign a petition agreeing to allow the pig, they could change the deed restrictions.

Her family plans to go door-to-door to fight for their pet.

“Hopefully, I can get them to change their mind and it will set the way for other people if they want it,” said Sardo.

Most neighbors KHOU 11 News spoke with said they would sign the petition.

“I think it’s stupid,” said neighbor Molly Lesmeister. “It’s a pig. It lives inside. It goes outside to go to the potty. I don’t think it matters.”

The Sardo family has also set up a Facebook page for their pig.

“He has more friends than I do, I think,” said Missy Sardo.

The pig’s 30 days run out in early August. Calls to the Community Asset Management company were not returned.

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