Texas Senate Committee Moving Individual HOA Reform Bills

Correction as of 4:10 p.m., May 17, 2011:

Senate IGR did not actually vote out the bills mentioned below. The votes are likely there so it is probable that these bills and others will be voted out with substantial portions of SB 142 included (the version that passed the Senate, “engrossed”).


Senator West is not taking any chances. As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations (IGR), his committee voted out HB 2779 and HB 1228 today that both provide reforms to HOA practices. The Coalition has learned that HB 1228 does not look anything like it did as it left the House — portions of Senator West’s SB 142 was added or substituted in its place. The language will be posted here when available. It is likely this will happen on other individual bills that are waiting to be approved by IGR. It is believed that Senator West is taking these actions in light of the changes that were made to his omnibus HOA reform bill, Senate Bill 142, which was amended by its House sponsor, Chairman Solomons. The changes made to SB 142 appeared to be opposed by the HOA industry and the building industry. See post here. Clearly, Senator West would prefer the best bill he can get for Texas homeowners, but he does not want the session to end with no improvements whatsoever.

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