A Variety of HOA Bills Moving Through Texas Legislature

A number of bills are making there way through the Texas Legislature that have a chance a passage:

HB 44, HB 232, HB 362, HB 663, HB 2779, HB 2869, SB 101, SB 142, SB 238, SB 472.

For the text of these bills, and an update on their status, click here.

Do not always trust the caption of the bill because the language of a bill may be different than what you expect and is fluid.  The filed version rarely passes as is.  Sometimes bills are amended dramatically in committee or on the floor.  And once the bill leaves one chamber the process starts over.  In other words, the House may pass one version of the bill, and then Senate can then pass another version all within one bill number, and vice versa.  For example, HB 44 passed the House in a certain form already, and now is awaiting hearing the Senate.  The Senate may substitute in another version or amend it on the floor.  If it passes the Senate in a different form then the bill must return to the House.  The House can either accept the Senate version or can request that the bill go to a conference committee where members of the two chambers attempt to resolve their differences.  If the committee reaches an agreement then the conference committee version goes back to each chamber for approval.

Towards the end of the session other members try to add their bills to bills that are still moving so some amendments can easily change the entire bill.

(The list above is not every bill that could involve HOAs or homeowners that is making its way through the process.  There could be other bills pending that could be amended as well that might include a provision impacting an HOA.)

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