HOA late fees and attorney fees prevent homeowner from catching up


Posted on April 6, 2011 at 10:20 PM

We’ve heard the complaints for years now… complaints about homeowners’ associations that have gained  too much power, even foreclosing on homes for non-payment of dues, fees and fines.

But state lawmakers may be about to strip some of that power away.

Glen Greer of Frisco, who visits his chiropractor several times a week, is desperate for relief.

A chronic back ailment has not only limited his mobility, it has hampered his ability to work and pay his bills on time, including $89 in quarterly dues to his homeowners’ association.

Although Greer says he is current on all his association dues, he is being hit with late fees, attorneys fees, fines, and interest totaling more than $700.

“But because I didn’t pay exactly on time, they slammed me with fees and they kept multiplying them and — of course — I just kept paying my dues, assuming my dues were being paid,” Greer said. “Come to find out they are not. I can never catch up.”

When he asked his HOA for financial relief, he received a letter informing him he was being awarded a $30 credit.

But farther down in the same letter, Greer was informed of a $25 “payment plan processing fee”  which all but wiped out the credit.

See the complete story and the video here.

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